After a major break, the blog is finally back on track!   I have alot of exciting ideas for the blog in 2008, so make sure you save the page and check back often.  Through the Looking Glass -the blog is where my clients will be able to stay updated with Fotografix Studios as well as get a sneak peek from the day’s shoots.  It’s fun, it’s hip…it’s all about YOU!


Place…Norway. Time…sundown.  Nope, don’t worry, I’m not going to start whistling the tune to the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Yes, Nicholas and Michael are brothers. One with puppy dog eyes that melt your soul and the other whose look will melt YOU if you do something wrong. hehe. Nicholas is a dream to shoot.   He knew exactly how I wanted him before I even knew it.  Michael, on the other hand, was a wonderful challenge.    That age is a little more difficult to pose because they sort of know where you want them to sit/stand, but don’t really get the how 🙂 . That’s ok, we’ll be seeing more of these two heart crushers in the future! Talk about troopers.

Here’s a couple for you Denise!





Well, it seems like everything is slowly falling into place. Finalizing some logo changes,  registering my business here in Norway, ordering my website and web address.  It makes for alot of time spent in front of the computer.   However, I think I might need acupuncture on my butt, it’s frozen to this chair and in a constant state of numbness.

Who would have ever though blogging would be so popular? I mean, do we really want to know the innermost thoughts of some jo shmoe who thinks he knows it all? Ermm, well, YES, we do. It’s like reality tv on acid..minus the tv of course.  The in thing to do these days is blog, especially for photographers. I love it  though!! It gives our clients a chance to get a sneak peek from their shoot, while at the same time giving us a chance to let them know what we thought of the shoot.   Client is happy…photographer is happy.. Win-Win situation!

However, what does it take for one to be TRULY successful in life? For me,  success is in the eye of the beholder.   Some people may view success by how much money one makes, others view it by how happy they are. Me? I look at success from a photographers standpoint.  That by capturing a child in their environment…capturing a moment where the parents can look back 20 years later and say ‘Now THAT was my a T’, I have created a moment that will be frozen in time forever, not only in living space, but in someone’s heart.  That is success to me.

Oh..and a little bit of chocolate on the side



  • Faith29 September, 2007 - 05:43

    Great post Lisa! I completely understand the numb backside syndrome, lol!
    If you’d like to participate in the tag phenomenon, I’d love to read your answers so I TAGGED you 🙂
    Have a great day,

Yes, I’m bad.  The blog has been on hiatus while I try to get all my ducks in a row. Seeing as those ducks are  always drunk and can’t stand in a single file, I’m left to fend for myself.  The bad thing about putting things off is that time doesn’t stand still. Put things off until you feel better and you may find so much time has passed that you are back in diapers. Full circle so to speak.

He he… Anyway, business is still a go, just re-working my logo and writing a business plan. That is, writing a plan between job 1 (motherhood), job 2 (wifehood), job 3 (stresshood) and job 4 …eh, who cares about job 4, 3 jobs are enough to make anyone go bonkers.

So, Max is now 2. Happy Birthday little man!! We love you and can’t believe how much you’ve grown! Now stop chasing your brother with the baseball bat…you’re giving him a complex.

xoxo – L

Well, I finally have a newborn to photograph and BOY is she gorgeous!!  This was my first official newborn shoot so without further ado, I’d would like to present Helle Wik!


Well, she really didn’t scare me all that much. She was a delight and I had so many idea’s of things I wanted to do before I showed up. Once again, I learned one of life’s lessons. That Murphy is actually a woman and has pms constantly..seems she created her laws JUST FOR ME. 🙂

Nah. Helle was great,  but I did learn a few things. 1- Undress the baby BEFORE it goes to sleep.  2- Make sure the room you will be photographing in is REALLY WARM. and 3- once you have babies of your own, a hand full of newborn poop has no effect whatsoever on ANY of your 5 senses.  Rather than running for the nearest toilet to barf, I looked at my hand and the first thing that popped into my mind was -hey, she’s breastfed. LOL

More from the shoot – Could she be ANY cuter?




Thanks AP and M for letting me ‘borrow’ your firstborn!


  • karrie7 May, 2007 - 21:54

    Her eyes are amazing. Great shots.

  • Jennifer Adams6 May, 2007 - 19:07

    I love the red, red is a good color for babies! Beautiful captures!

  • Lottie1 May, 2007 - 00:07

    That is one stunning shot… love the red so much, and the clarity in her eyes is amazing – way to go for your first!