Where’s Waldo?? The hunt is on for Lisa’s lens Waldo. If you believe you’ve seen a large, long black piece of metal with a glass eye, please contact the Federal Bureau of Optical Curvature. Be cautious in approaching. Subject is armed and dangerous and will bite your leg off if it feels threatened

  • Your Mom/Their Granny27 April, 2007 - 18:43

    It must have bit the leg off that UPS driver!

  • Jennifer26 April, 2007 - 22:27

    isn’t that funny, your hilarious!

Taking a pause from the regularly scheduled program of madness……….

This is just tragic. My heart is certainly with the Virginia Tech community. Although my tears won’t diminish their grief, I hope they find some comfort in knowing that their loved one’s will never be forgotten.

This is most definately not a time for blame. Who can predict something like this..and what makes someone wake up one day and go on a rampage killing innocent people who have done nothing but good in this world?

There may be 32 dead, but the numbers affected go well up into the hundreds of thousands if not more. You can’t take the life of one person without affecting another.  Some will feel cheated that he took his own life (I refuse to give his name any more publicity than it already has) however, we know that he will be paying by burning in hell for eternity, if that’s any consolation.

I am, however, sickened that once again, the president who shall not be named has turned a tragedy into a 3 ring circus where the grief of the family and friends of this tragedy fuel the need to take a stance on gun control. At least give it a few hours bub, we all know you come from a state where even cows are packing concealed.

take a moment, remember this tragedy (and well, please remember the 130 innocent victims killed yesterday in Baghdad..was this even newsworthy?) and hug your loved ones today.

My thoughts are with you Blackburg.


There is something about photography that is ADDICTING. So addicting it should be classified as a level 1 biohazard, to both health and home. Health, because all I seem to be doing is living through the light inside my head. As I lay down to sleep, I bring forth the images from the day that my brain was smart enough to store and in which I was completely unaware of until there came a point in time when those images had no other thoughts to compete with.  Hence,  the danger to my health via insomnia and a brain that is running a race to see how many visions and thoughts can muddle through that exhausted head of mine in the time it takes me to eventually fall asleep (with a child size 5 foot stuck in my face).

Worst of all, the addiction is a danger to my home. We are a family of allergists, living in Norway, land of trees and magical woods,  which like to infest your home with small warriors of dust who fight for a precarious position up our nasal passages.  Thus, we need to vacuum, swifter, hepa-fy, vaporize and ionize about every 10 minutes or our heads will, literally, explode. 

Ahh, but to be addicted to something means you can’t tear yourself away from it. That happens to be me at the moment. If I’m not photoshopping something, I’m stuck on ILP, uploading to flickr, writing my business plan (in between hyperventilating from the thought of actually owning my own business) translating business forms (thanks Skye!)  into norwegian, looking at pictures, trying to blog AND take care of two children, well 3, if you count my forever young husband, work a full time job and houseclean. Now, which one can you guess is the first to go? hehehe. 

With my first child, we had the 5 second rule. If it fell on the floor for longer than 5 seconds, it was thrown away. Within 5 seconds, it was free game. Now, we have the 3 day rule. If you can get it off the floor without having to scrape it off, it’s fair game….nothing like 3 day old partially chewed  cheerios to start your day with a smile. 🙂

So as I feed my addiction, I realize that for one of the first times in my life, I’m obsessed with something that makes a difference in my life…. high on those rays of light that sparkle through my lens. 

  • Madelaine Greyling15 November, 2011 - 14:54

    Curse in fotografic

Well, in a way, I did. I am now the proud parent of a 10lb 8oz business logo and watermark minus the breastfeeding and the poop. It was labor intense, it was stressful but  most important it was created through an act of love and became a MIRACLE!

Oh for crying out loud, I created a business name, not a child, but to me, it is a total relief and a huge sense of accomplishment.  My butt is numb, my eyes hurt but at least I didn’t need a vacuum up my hooha to make it work (thanks boys!).

So without further ado, I unveil my new business name and logo.  FotoGrafix Studios has been born and is a force to be reckoned  with!


  • Your Mom/Their Granny9 April, 2007 - 14:01

    I posted a comment last week on your logo, but don’t see it so I guess it thought I was spam. Must need new glasses to see the ‘hidden’ letters, huh? Anyway, just wanted you to know I love the name of your business and how proud I am of you. You are a force to be reckoned with, and always have been. You are a fantastic photographer and will be very successful!

  • Blondie9 April, 2007 - 04:13

    LOVE it!

Multitasking. THAT is one area that will help make a photography business successful. However, I have a breeding problem in my house and it is NOT good (and has absolutely JACK ALL to do with photography). Clothes. I am drowning in them. Seems for every load we do, 5 more appear. At this rate, we’ll be able to open the ‘Røstøen Orphanage for Lost and Potentially hazardous Cotton Fibers’.  Buy less clothes you say. (oohlala, don’t YOU sound like my dear, wonderful husband Even). Thing is, I HAVE definately cut down on clothing purchases (because all my money goes into photography lol). My problem is organization.

If the crew of Clean Sweep came to my house they would promptly do an about face, scream God Bless You my dear (code for -we aint touchin’ that with a bargepole you unorganized,  horrifying pack rat from hell) and run as fast as those pristine little Teva’s can carry them. However, on a brighter note,  Carsten Kressley would be totally impressed (while at the same time nauseated to see that Kenneth Cole wadded up in a ball behind the tv)..hmm, he probably wouldn’t notice it though. He would be too busy making goo goo eyes at Even. MMMM SAUCY! 🙂

So, while I’m wallowing in a sea of natural fibers, I wonder what will happen when I start working from home.  Probably go clinically insane to the point that they will create a syndrome with my name on it. Which means I must tackle this organization problem now. Email me with your idea’s. The person who comes up with the best (and easiest) way to make my home more livable will win a prized collection of lint (the inevitable byproduct of the dryer…or in laymans terms. Laundry poop).


  • Mom/Granny in America4 April, 2007 - 20:17

    Just think sweetie, if you lived here, I would do your laundry for you! Do you believe that? Hee, hee, I didn’t think so. Since I have some experience in doing your laundry though, I think you should by all disposable clothes until you can buy faster machines like those here in America!

  • Brian4 April, 2007 - 17:18

    I’ve begun calling our laundry piles the “Laundry Blob” as it keeps getting bigger even after the wife does three or four loads. When I was a kid I always wondered why I had laundry, well, the answer to that was my mom did laundry every other day. Since it was just me, easy. With four, forget it.
    Side note about lint, get it wet and throw it on the wall. Jessica’s got the greatest lint collection on the basement wall!