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Hi everyone!  I am FINALLY updating the blog after a very long hiatis/vacation in America and wanted to let you know that I have just arrived back in Norway .  I had such a wonderful visit with my family and friends and was also able to shoot some fabulous maternity, children and families which I can’t wait to share on the blog!  At the same time I had to deal with stitches, major bee stings, hospital visits and data crashes which added a little stress to my trip.  Unfortunately I had a major hard drive crash while in the US and was unable to access emails, files or the blog remotely, hence not being able to get in touch with me while away (and vice versa).  I am now trying to sift through over 400 emails, so please be patient!  To those who were waiting for files before I travelled to the US, I am in the process of uploading your images now and will have those ready for viewing over the course of the next few days.  Again, I sincerely apologize for the delay, unfortunately, computer crashes only happen at the worst possible time!  I am slowly getting in touch with everyone, so you will hear from me soon!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer and were able to enjoy your vacations!

– ♥ Lisa

  • Fotograf Henrik Kreilisheim7 August, 2010 - 16:21

    wow.. I feel your pain, Lisa.. Hope that everything will work out and get sorted out! These are the situations where you’re so glad you had backup of everything! But of course, there’s some work getting everything to the same state again. Wish you all the best!

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