It’s Raining Newborns – Hallelujah

Lisa Rostoen – Fotografix Studios | Fotograf Bærum | Nyfødt fotografering

I can't believe I once had 2 tiny beings that were so tiny, you were almost afraid to breathe on them (now at almost 7 and almost 4, I'm lucky if I can get them to slow down long enough to catch a kiss blown from the palm of my hand).

There is something about that newborn smell that can make the biggest Grinch turn into a mushy, gushing, smiling mess.  A newborn baby just makes you smile – knowing that no matter what else is wrong in this world, that for this one moment, you hold hope and promise in the palm of your hands.

Mr Parker was no different than any other newborn I've had in front of my lens. Wholesome, curled up sleepy goodness, puckered lips and a desire to tuck him into my pocket to take home 🙂 . Thank you so much Allison and Peder for letting me photograph the newest prince in your lives!

— Lisa








  • brenda20 July, 2009 - 02:40

    gorgeous Lisa…I miss seeing your stuff! Don’t be a stranger!

  • jennifer11 June, 2009 - 22:51

    awww beautiful i want that orange and blue hat, cute

  • heavenesque2 June, 2009 - 03:38

    Beautiful images Lisa!! You do such lovely newborn work:)

  • Heather1 June, 2009 - 21:26

    These are fantastic! I love love LOVE the first one! Beautiful light!

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