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Yes- I’m alive!  I know it’s been ages since my last blog post but when the business exploded,   I simply didn’t have enough hours in the day to update the blog.  Hopefully that is going to change soon!  I’m in the process of updating the look and feel of my website and blog, introducing a new website for weddings and my mind is whirling with all of the new projects on the books. Not to mention that I’m already booking sessions through April and with the launch of the Tvilling og Søvn book, a few twin newborns coming to visit as well.  I’ve also stocked the studio with some new and unique props, more beautiful hats made by my mom (thanks mom!) and fun and unique items for newborns and older children.  So 2011 was big – here’s to 2012 being EXCEPTIONAL! 

Tusen takk til alle kundene, venner, kollegaer og støttemedlemer som har gjørt 2011 til et kanonår! 

….og det kan ikke slutte her uten et bilde til å si WOOHOO og kos deg i helgen! 

nyfødt baby på teppe

  • Gloria Bailey28 January, 2012 - 01:17

    I love the facial expression! Your photography is awesome and you continue to get the best photos of your customers! You are amazing!!

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