Photography – A blessing or a curse?

There is something about photography that is ADDICTING. So addicting it should be classified as a level 1 biohazard, to both health and home. Health, because all I seem to be doing is living through the light inside my head. As I lay down to sleep, I bring forth the images from the day that my brain was smart enough to store and in which I was completely unaware of until there came a point in time when those images had no other thoughts to compete with.  Hence,  the danger to my health via insomnia and a brain that is running a race to see how many visions and thoughts can muddle through that exhausted head of mine in the time it takes me to eventually fall asleep (with a child size 5 foot stuck in my face).

Worst of all, the addiction is a danger to my home. We are a family of allergists, living in Norway, land of trees and magical woods,  which like to infest your home with small warriors of dust who fight for a precarious position up our nasal passages.  Thus, we need to vacuum, swifter, hepa-fy, vaporize and ionize about every 10 minutes or our heads will, literally, explode. 

Ahh, but to be addicted to something means you can’t tear yourself away from it. That happens to be me at the moment. If I’m not photoshopping something, I’m stuck on ILP, uploading to flickr, writing my business plan (in between hyperventilating from the thought of actually owning my own business) translating business forms (thanks Skye!)  into norwegian, looking at pictures, trying to blog AND take care of two children, well 3, if you count my forever young husband, work a full time job and houseclean. Now, which one can you guess is the first to go? hehehe. 

With my first child, we had the 5 second rule. If it fell on the floor for longer than 5 seconds, it was thrown away. Within 5 seconds, it was free game. Now, we have the 3 day rule. If you can get it off the floor without having to scrape it off, it’s fair game….nothing like 3 day old partially chewed  cheerios to start your day with a smile. 🙂

So as I feed my addiction, I realize that for one of the first times in my life, I’m obsessed with something that makes a difference in my life…. high on those rays of light that sparkle through my lens. 

  • Madelaine Greyling15 November, 2011 - 14:54

    Curse in fotografic

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