The Internet has ruined life as we knew it

So, I’ve had the week off to spring clean. RRRIIIIGGGGHHHT.  I think I’ve developed canker sores on my backside from sitting at the computer for so long.  Getting a photography business going isn’t for the faint-of-heart. It’s nice to finally get down and dirty for something I truly have a passion for,  as opposed to doing it because I HAVE to do it.  The rewards, well they are endless..and VERY self-fulfilling. 

The saying goes, stop and smell the roses and I take that very much to heart these days. Because without taking that moment to smell those roses, you continue on in that monotonous, one toned world without really enjoying it’s beauty.  But no, I didn’t really see or appreciate beauty, until I witnessed it through a lens.  It’s amazing that now, I can actually SMELL those roses by just looking at a photograph.

I have to thank Mother Nature for providing me with such a wondrous canvas in which to flex these budding wings.

– L

  • karrie2 April, 2007 - 12:23

    Good luck with getting everything off the ground. Your photographs are gorgeous!

  • Granny Gloria30 March, 2007 - 16:27

    From your Mom, who is an old granny … THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET! I love the internet! I get to see my two Norwegian grandsons anytime I want, and watch them grow up in a way, which beats pictures through the snail-mail! And Lisa, you taught me to do one of my favorite pasttimes online … SHOPPING!

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