Tragedy – When an act has no meaning

Taking a pause from the regularly scheduled program of madness……….

This is just tragic. My heart is certainly with the Virginia Tech community. Although my tears won’t diminish their grief, I hope they find some comfort in knowing that their loved one’s will never be forgotten.

This is most definately not a time for blame. Who can predict something like this..and what makes someone wake up one day and go on a rampage killing innocent people who have done nothing but good in this world?

There may be 32 dead, but the numbers affected go well up into the hundreds of thousands if not more. You can’t take the life of one person without affecting another.  Some will feel cheated that he took his own life (I refuse to give his name any more publicity than it already has) however, we know that he will be paying by burning in hell for eternity, if that’s any consolation.

I am, however, sickened that once again, the president who shall not be named has turned a tragedy into a 3 ring circus where the grief of the family and friends of this tragedy fuel the need to take a stance on gun control. At least give it a few hours bub, we all know you come from a state where even cows are packing concealed.

take a moment, remember this tragedy (and well, please remember the 130 innocent victims killed yesterday in Baghdad..was this even newsworthy?) and hug your loved ones today.

My thoughts are with you Blackburg.


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