Video Killed the Radio Star

It’s official and it’s for real! My family and I are going to be on one of the largest tv networks in Norway! NRK is one of the main network stations in Norway with lots of exciting programs. The program we will be on is about families and stress due to time constraints. We will be representing the family who decided to do something about it and made a change in our lives in order for us to spend more time together.

The program is called Migrapolis and as soon as we know when it will air, I will pass along the info! It is completely in Norwegian, but I hope to have it up on youtube, with subtitles shortly after airing.  We are excited beyond description, but a little nervous opening up in front population Norway :).  But you know, we were just…well..US (which, I’m sure for many, would make HOURS of wonderful viewing time. Where else can you get hours of laughter just talking about bodily functions? Boys you know..glad I have all 3 of them!).

Anyway, thanks so much for all the moral support. This could definately help get my business out there, but to be honest, we are just really blessed to have the opportunity to spend more time together. Now THIS is what dreams are made of!

– ♥ L

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