Boys Have A Special Place In Their Mamma’s Heart

There is something about boys. I wanted to be one when I was little, my mom can attest to that. I was forever trying to do everything the boys did and do it better. Dirt..grease…baseball. I wanted to run faster and jump higher. Sure, I had dolls. I liked to cut their hair off LOL. But, something I knew, even way back then, was that I could talk…well, boy. So having two boys just seemed natural to me, and mom’s of boys know that there is just something about the bond between a mother and her son that completes your heart.

So, then I meet Kasper, my latest newborn. A wee, tiny feisty little fella, who definitely was a small challenge but soo incredibly adorable…and fussy…and hungry. Just a new little being in this world who was making sure that the world knew he didn’t like it one little bit!  But Kasper, as all souls before him, has already claimed a special place in his parents hearts, and mine!  Thank you Hilde and Tom Inge for sharing your sweet little prince with me! He was wonderful!

~ ♥ Lisa


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  • Kaycee Kennedy

    What fantastic photos I love these baby shots, honestly I love ALL your work. I know from experience shooting children is not easy but your photos look so effortless!!

  • Love your BW’s, nicely done.
    Also that green grass is beautiful, especially with a cozy little baby in it, too cute.

  • Anan

    Can you share your post processing tricks?

  • These are SOOOOO adorable!!! I really love those first two!!

  • Oh my goodness, that first one is too cute for words!

  • Just beautiful work!! I esp love #1!
    That last one though…wowza- truly gorgeous!!!

  • Nice scowl, LOL. I love the last one.

  • I love how you captured his little personality so well. He looks so peaceful in the fourth one… and the first one is just adorable.


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