Scared of a 4 week old baby?? You Better BELIEVE it!!

Well, I finally have a newborn to photograph and BOY is she gorgeous!!  This was my first official newborn shoot so without further ado, I’d would like to present Helle Wik!


Well, she really didn’t scare me all that much. She was a delight and I had so many idea’s of things I wanted to do before I showed up. Once again, I learned one of life’s lessons. That Murphy is actually a woman and has pms constantly..seems she created her laws JUST FOR ME. 🙂

Nah. Helle was great,  but I did learn a few things. 1- Undress the baby BEFORE it goes to sleep.  2- Make sure the room you will be photographing in is REALLY WARM. and 3- once you have babies of your own, a hand full of newborn poop has no effect whatsoever on ANY of your 5 senses.  Rather than running for the nearest toilet to barf, I looked at my hand and the first thing that popped into my mind was -hey, she’s breastfed. LOL

More from the shoot – Could she be ANY cuter?




Thanks AP and M for letting me ‘borrow’ your firstborn!


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  • Her eyes are amazing. Great shots.

  • I love the red, red is a good color for babies! Beautiful captures!

  • That is one stunning shot… love the red so much, and the clarity in her eyes is amazing – way to go for your first!


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