The Possibilities Are Endless

Max. He is truly my mini-me. He might be the spitting image of my husband, Even, but he is sooo like me in temperament (and ..ermm stubbornness) that Even often walks around with this glazed look in his eyes, trying to figure out how to cope with TWO of me. HAHA.

But, what can I say. We are truly blessed to have these boys.  I can honestly say I've loved them from the moment we first met, that first movement in utero, just like the feel of a fish nibbling on a fishing line. That very instant a mother feels the life growing within her is indescribable. One minute it's just you and the knowledge that you are going to be a mom…the next, they nudge you as if to say 'hi there, it's me!' It truly is the start of a wondrous bond between a mother and child.

Anyway, I'm 100% sure I'm in trouble when these boys get older 🙂 . If anyone knows where I can buy some sanity, I'll be forever in your debt.

– ♥ Lisa

He's my light when all I see is dark Boys Can Giggle Too Eye Contact The Sweet Light

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  • quite possibly the most handsome little guys I have EVER seen…too bad my girls are so much older 🙁

  • Beautiful images and beautiful boy!

  • Kasandra

    Just love how you share your love of your boys … it makes me smile and tear up all at the same time. Your gift for words and picture making is an amazing combination!
    I just found your blog … beautifully done!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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