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We live in a fast paced world where an hour has become a minute and time a lost commodity. I was one of those people who lived in that fast paced world, never pausing to really breathe, going from point A to point B in a fog. Have you ever been driving somewhere with your mind racing, only to arrive at your destination surprised that you are there and not remembering a single, profound image from your journey? Prior to photography, that was my life...a fog.


With the birth of my beautiful boys, I realized that in order to truly live I had to learn to relax, breathe and cherish those everyday moments that are fleeting. Viewing life through a lens has been my profound moment - the one medium that has allowed me to capture and create beautiful, meaningful memories for my wonderful clients. From the joy and promise of a pregnant bump to the flaky skin of a newborn baby, or the joyful tears of a groom as he sees his bride walk down the aisle, I am eternally grateful to be able to immortalise these emotional occasions that you will cherish for a lifetime.


My photography reflects this fabulous journey. I want you to look at your wedding images and still smell the flowers in your bouquet and hear the wind through the trees. I want to capture the soul of your child...the true giggles, laughter, innocence and joy that is spontaneous. We will play, we will laugh, we will giggle and we will have fun and through contact with your child I will create beautiful, modern art that you will cherish forever.


Now follow me. Breathe In....Breathe Out. Relax, and let my portraits encourage you to truly live again.



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